Online Course

This is an online course in development of fishing tourism destinations. The course consists of filmed lectures, presentations, and other course material from a series of workshops in a destination development programme in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania. Poland and Sweden. The course is free of charge and open to all. Please visit the country pages for the course in national languages. Some documents are also available in English.

Course elements:

  • Model process for destination development for coastal fishing tourism
  • Case studies from the five demonstration destinations
  • Filmed lectures by destination development experts

The result of the destination development process can be viewed on the Baltic Sea Fishing website as an example (

Evaluation and destination development plans

Here is an evaluation report of the Destination development programme performed by the University of Klaipeda.

Synoptic plan Estonia

Synoptic plan Latvia

Synoptic plan Lithuania

Synoptic plan Poland

Synoptic plan Sweden

Marketing material

Brochures and roll-ups produced within the Retrout project free to use for information about the project and marketing of

Baltic Sea Fishing – Brochure

Ethical code – Brochure

Baltic Sea Fishing – Roll-up

Baltic Sea Fishing, Pike – Roll-up

Baltic Sea Fishing, Trout – Roll-up