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Alan Arent; AA+C

Workshop coordinator

AA+C was founded in 2004 in the Gulf of Gdansk region The company focuses on working on business development, marketing strategies and sales for companies from the various fields (tourism, environment, smart buoys, oil spill recovery,  3D scanning under water among others).

AA+C  has over 14 years of experience in the development of the maritime sector in the Baltic Sea Region. They are organizers and initiator of conferences  and events focused on the development of transport and maritime market trends. They  conduct consultations for start-ups in the Gulf of Gdansk region (Space3ac accelerator, Starter incubator). AA + C works with a team of experts consisting of project leaders; tourist destination experts (fishing); marketing specialists; economists; training experts / lecturers. Moreover, Alan Arent is co-owner of a Baltic Press Sp. z o.o. publishing house and brands Harbors Review and Baltic Transport Journal,

Marcin Kalinowski

– Local coach

Marcin Kalinowski is an active expert and researcher at Maritime Institute of Gdynia Maritime University. He specializes in sustainable regional and local tourism and socio-economic development, including maritime, inland transport and logistics. He is an author of various publications, studies and articles in the field of marketing and strategic management, economic policy, short sea shipping and logistics centers. Participant of many scientific conferences and international projects related to economical development. In addition to his scientific work, he actively participates in actions related to the development of local regions, including recreational fishing.

Sunset over the baltic sea in Gdansk