Here you find the instructions and material for this course.


Thomas Hjelm, AB Utposten

– Workshop coordinator

AB Utposten was founded in 1988 on the island of Utö in the southern part of Stockholm archipelago. The company has a focus on tourism and its connection to the environment. We have the chairmanship of Destination Utö, an organisation for the visitor industry companies that operate on Utö.

We are a driving force when it comes to promoting environmental investments such as, restorationseabed habitats to regain fish stocks in the bays and absorbnutrients before the water reaches the Baltic Sea. This is done in the form of wetlands in combination with pike factories.

Helen Wejkner Lundgren, Business Improvement Consultants B.I.C

– Local coach

For the past 15 years our company helps businesses to achieve better results mainly within sales and marketing, but also project management.

Helen has over 30 years of experience within the hospitality sector in both travel and hotel. 20 years ago, Helen and her family relocated to Stockholm Archipelago and the “Archipelago way of life” took over. In 2005 she and her husband Bo started the fishing guide company Catch & Relax AB. This knowledge and experience combined with a burning desire to expand fishing tourism to Stockholm Archipelago lead to a wish to work with the Retrout project as a local coach.