Experience the river restorations made in Poland in a virtual study visit. The RETROUT virtual study visit aims to present the Polish RETROUT project sites where restoration works are being planned. Besides, examples of previously constructed fish passes and critical aspects of fish pass design have been shown.

The places we will visit are:


Reda, a dam on the Reda River (problem with the accessibility of the area and administrative procedures).

Lębork, fish pass on the Łeba River.

Smołdzino, hydropower station with fish pass on the Łupawa River (the latest fish pass in northern Poland opened in March 2020).

Żelkowo, hydropower station.

Żelkowo, the Łupawa River – a potential site for implementing the RETROUT project recommendations.

Skarszów Dolny, the Skotawa River (natural spawning ground).

Słupsk, the Słupia River (examples restoration solutions in the city centre).

Gdynia, the Kacza River (a potential site for implementing the RETROUT project recommendations).


Agenda for the study visit

The virtual study visit

Short description of the sites

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