Within the RETROUT project, efficient river restoration measures and implementation methods were demonstrated as real restoration projects (whole or parts) based on national and transnational knowledge from research and dialogue. The purpose of the restoration projects was to demonstrate solutions for improving quality of sea trout river habitats with the aim to increase and secure sustainable stock production. The demonstration projects are a result of international peer learning and basin-wide research and will serve as examples that can be replicated in other countries. The specific value at impact level is improved water quality and increased fish production of rivers in the Baltic Sea region, which in turn offers better opportunities to strengthen the fish and tourism industries.

In Estonia, five river restoration project were planned during the RETROUT project:

  • River Valgejõgi: Kotka dam
  • River Valgejõgi: Nõmmeveski dam
  • River Kunda: Kunda lower hydroelectric power station (dam)
  • River Kunda: Kunda manor mill dam
  • River Kunda: Aravuse fish farm dam
  • River Jägala: Linnamäe hydropower station (dam)

To read about plans for river restoration pleas klick here: Plans for river restoration in Estonia

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