Soon, translations of John Kärki´s article in “Allt om flugfiske” (all about flyfishing) from 2019 will be published here on the Retrout website. The article concludes the early work of Retrout, and the story starts with the electrofishing and river habitat survey conference in Lithuania 2018. At this conference the first steps towards a standardize method to assess the Sea trout stock and recruitment in the different rivers included in the project. He emphasizes the importance of the cross-border work that Retrout stand for, but also that actions speak lauder than words.

With the final conference behind us we now know what the Retrout project have accomplished, and that we have “taken actions”. With the restorations of river habitats and promoting sustainable fishing, hopefully we have secured the Sea trout in the Baltic sea for coming generations to enjoy.

The article will be translated in to; English, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Polish, and the translation work will be done during the later part of march and should be available on the webpage short after that.